I really don’t get why people find fanfictions that include genderswap appealing.

I mean, seriously, what do you PICTURE when you’re reading it? Because sorry, but all I can come up with is Tyler Hoechlin or Dylan O’Brien in a wig and this is just the most ridiculous thing EVER.

(Of course I am using Sterek here, but it literally applies to any ship on the fucking planet. WHAT DO YOU PICTURE? BOYS IN WIGS? HOW IS THAT NOT RIDICULOUS/MILDLY DISTURBING? HOW DO YOU TAKE THE FIC SERIOUSLY AFTER THAT.)

#Because really all I can imagine is Michael J. Fox parading as his daughter in Back To The Future II and I don’t get it. #Somebody explain. #I am curious. #Please?


AIDEN DIED. Jesus baby Christ, no, I actually got to like the twins even though tey started out as mad killers but they got better and Aiden and Lydia were cute and Ethan and Danny were cute and OHMYGOD, Aiden died and it was so awful when he asked if it hurt Ethan as much as it did him and Ethan broke up with Danny and Danny KNOWS about werewolves and now Ethan’s leaving and OHMYGOD NO.

Dead Aunt Kate. I saw that coming last week, so I wasn’t really surprised. Also, she looks like a very weird cameleon with teeth.

DEREK. Poor baby, Kate is back to haunt you and at some point, you blacked out and had that weird dream about Stiles and you didn’t know if you’d woken up and what was real and what wasn’t, AND I AM SORRY, but this looks too much like Stiles being possessed in the beginning and I am still convinced that Derek’s a nogitsune because he didn’t have that fly taken out of his wound so pretty sure there’s something to worry about him getting infected by the nogistune at some point.

Malia. I DID like (this was very unexpected) the scene where Scott’s trying to teach how to control her shapeshifting but I would still like it better if she just went away (she doesn’t even know about her father yet?) 

Cora. I had forgotten her. I just don’t get it. She’s a she-wolf, like Talia and Laura were. Is it a big deal? I don’t know. But apparently, the hunters were after someone else that can turn into an actual wolf, and it doesn’t like it’s Kate (because she’s not a wolf) or Malia (because she’s a coyote). So new she-wolf coming this season.

Stiles, love of my life, you are alive and you are physically well and you and Lydia were just so so cute.

Also, I do hope they show Allison’s funeral next season; I do get why they didn’t show it now (because basically, what happened in the finale happened on the day after she was killed, so obviously, the funeral doesn’t take place on the day right after the death, there are arrangements to be made, especially when it is a murder.

So basically: too many deaths, too many people being brought back to life and too many relationships problems and twists and turns to be expected next season.