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Posted on 02, October 2014 October 02 2014 2014年10月2日 by waterwick-bambi

A little tutorial to downloading torrent files for free

So, a few days after I started college here, I tried to download a few movies by using the very popular Torrent system. However, I soon discovered that my French university’s ISP had blocked all ports you can use for P2P downloads.

I tried everything, proxies, free VPN clients (Your Freedom, Cyberghost, OpenVPN, VPNbook, etc.) Nothing worked and all ports remained blocked, which means that my torrents didn’t go past the “Connecting to peers” phase and didn’t actually download anything. The only one that worked was FrozenWay but the connection was limited to 128kp/s, that is to say nothing, you’d need 4 hours to download 60 megabytes or something.

BUT TODAY, I found the solution, so I thought I would share it with people here because this might help people with a bad Internet or limited connection at home (I myself have a 3G dongle with only16GB per month before the connection is throttled.) It’s called downloading a torrent online through your http and not through P2P.

1. Download FlashGet or any kind of free download manager (I use GetFlash, but I suppose other softwares or applets like JDownloader will work as well. I used to have JDownloader, but as it is built on Java, it was kind of slow to respond and a bit unstable as well, although it might just be because I have a Notebook with 1GB RAM.)

2. Go to You’ll need to create an account (or just use your Twitter or Facebook account to connect, but I registered an account.)

3. Go to your favorite torrenting website, like Here, you have to options. You can either download the torrent, or you can copy the link to the download or to the magnet link (right-click on the “Download torrent” or “Magnet” button and select “copy link URL”)

4. Go back to and login. There you can either paste the link you copied in step 3 or upload the torrent file you downloaded in the box, then click “download.”

5. Once the download is complete (that should only take a few seconds), you can select one of the options that appear upon completion: either “download as .zip” or “copy link to clipboard”.

6. Select “Copy link to clipboard.”

7. Open GetFlash and click on the + symbol to add a new download URL. Paste your download link and confirm.

8. Wait till download is over to extract your .zip file with Winrar or any other equivalent.

9. Don’t forget to delete your download link in your Filestream store once the download with GetFlash is complete, this will make room for other files in the future, as you can only have 5 as a free user.

Note: with the free version of Filestream, you will only be able to download torrents up to 1GB, you won’t be able to download several files at the same time and you will not be able to keep more than five links at a time in your Filestream store.

You don’t have to use GetFlash if you don’t want to, you can download the .zip directly through your browser, but know that if your connection fails, what you’ve downloaded so far will be impossible, whereas in GetFlash, you should be able to stop your download and restart it later without losing what you’ve already downloaded.

Here you go, that might not be news to everyone but since it helped me, I thought it might help others.

If your http service is also blocked by your ISP and you can’t access Filestream or other websites, know that you should be able to bypass this restriction by downloading Ultrasurf, a proxy software used by China dissidents to bypass censure!

Posted on 29, September 2014 September 29 2014 2014年9月29日 by waterwick-bambi

Selling a VIP Soundcheck ticket to 5SOS in Zurich on 10/05/2015

Not sure I’ll be able to go because of my internship, so I’m selling my VIP Category 1 first row ticket with private soundcheck for the boys’ concert in Hallenstadion (Zurich, Switzerland.) Price is 180€ because it’s what I paid for it along with the delivery and it includes food, drinks (soft drinks and alcohol) and the parking fee.

If you’re interested, either message me or go on Viagogo! :)